Son of Sand
Hi im May/Mae, Im 20 years old and I currently live in Vancouver canada but I spent a lot of my childhood in NZ. I reblog warcraft, Flight rising, and ocasionally my own art.

I raid progressivly on Andorhal-US on my Elemental shaman, May. I also play a lot on Emerald dream on alts, including my Arms warrior Maezul.


Probably the worst part of owning, admiring, and caring for snakes is that telling anyone that you do opens this doorway for snake related “stories”.

Almost all of them focusing on the death, harm and, fear of snakes.

I do my best to educate others and teach them what…


Fuck it.

Fuck it all.

I am done being someone else’s co-star. I am done sacrificing myself to the point where I have nothing left to give. I am not going back to the place where it is safe to shrink away, to pretend like nothing bad ever happened.

Wherever I go, I will let myself be the star. I…

I believe in you, friend. Do what I can’t, because if I’ve ever had a role model its you right now.




Is anyone else saving accents in their hoard for the sole purpose of layering them later in SEVERE HOPES that the admin make that a thing?

Because yeah, I have at least five accents now that are waiting to be used together with other accents.

im up to like


because what if


250+ and counting. I have so many plans for when they let me layer o3o 

I told myself I wouldn’t go under 10k gems/10m. Not until the new breed/genes came out.

But then Halloween themed accents happened. 

(i’ve now ordered 12 accents ahhahahahah aAHAHAHHAHAHAA fuck.)

So for the last couple days every night before I go to bed I take out my journal and pick away at these 300 character development questions I found for an hour or two. And i’m hoping by the time my rogue hits lvl 90 I’ll have a somewhat fleshed out character. Or at least that’s the plan…. >___>

I completely forgot how shitty my handwriting is though lmao