Son of Sand
Hi im May/Mae, Im 20 years old and I currently live in Vancouver canada but I spent a lot of my childhood in NZ. I reblog warcraft, Flight rising, and ocasionally my own art.

I raid progressivly on Andorhal-US on my Elemental shaman, May. I also play a lot on Emerald dream on alts, including my Arms warrior Maezul.

I think my favorite thing about being in earth is the fact that we’re probably going to be 3rd place on the dominance boards very very often. So even though its not that big of a deal, its a nice little perk o3o 

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Pet me, please
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My foxtail setsMy sexy holiday sets
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wow! first off, a big thank you to everybody who follows me! i wish i could give you all free art but unfortunately that’s not possible
this time, there will be first, second and third prize winners! as before i’ll be using to decide the winner
1st prize is fully coloured, fully shaded fullbody art of the dragon of your choice with a transparent background. examples: 1 2 3
2nd prize is a fully coloured + shaded portrait of the dragon of your choice with a transparent background. examples: 1 2 
3rd prize is a pixel dragon of your choice. probably without apparel. example: 1
the rules are simple: just reblog and add your flight rising username and id number (so I can find you if you change your username). you don’t have to be following me. multiple entries are not allowed.
this giveaway ends on Saturday the 25th of October. i’ll be choosing a winner at 12 noon (GMT)
thank you!

Ugh youre perfect


Crystal looks so good on Spirals. Dang.

Spirals and tundras like holy shit that isn’t even fair