Son of Sand
Hi im May/Mae, Im 20 years old and I currently live in Vancouver canada. I also spent a lot of time in New Zealand during my childhood.

My blog generally consists of Warcraft related things, with a recent addition of a lot of Flight rising stuff too. I also post my art here ocasionally.

I raid progressivly on Andorhal-US on my Elemental shaman, May. I also play a lot on Emerald dream on alts, including my Arms warrior Maezul.
So I just got the absolute best commission on FR ever. (it now currently holds #1 best commission on FR) Zahzu did an absolutely AMAZING job with May, and im so happy @___@ 
Go check out their thread HERE 
orrrrrr their FA because they also do fantastic work, HERE

16 hour skype call with Cort. I think that’s a new record.

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now i’m a kitty! =^-^=

deerpotato wearing one of our Custom Cat Tails :3 <3