Son of Sand
Hi im May/Mae, Im 20 years old and I currently live in Vancouver canada. I also spent a lot of time in New Zealand during my childhood.

My blog generally consists of Warcraft related things, with a recent addition of a lot of Flight rising stuff too. I also post my art here ocasionally.

I raid progressivly on Andorhal-US on my Elemental shaman, May. I also play a lot on Emerald dream on alts, including my Arms warrior Maezul.

It’s 11:00 PM, I’m moving into my new apartment tomorrow, but hey I’m going to take some Lair Reviews~!


because I’m a responsible adult and blahblahblah…

First three individuals to reblog this with lair ID + username get their lair reviewed, probably by Yves because I’m kicking around his personality and this is kind of a practice thing so yeah. If that’s a thing you don’t want please state so.

If it’s not up tonight then it’ll be up sometime tomorrow.
Okay, GO!

Maye#10110 :D 

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If anyone’s interested in a re-run of braided manes, one is being planned! Reserves should open in a day or two, and if anyone would like to be pinged for it, please let me know!

Id love a second copy. Please ping me! :D Maye #10110