Son of Sand
Hi im May/Mae, Im 19 years old and I currently live in Vancouver canada. I was born in New Zealand and grew up there before moving to Canada.

This blog is filled with wonderfull warcraft/drawings/art/nature pictures! Also ocasionally whatever else I find interesting :)

I play on Emerald dream -US
I raid progressivly on my Elemental shaman Mayelle and PVP and RP on my Arms warrior Maezul.

Im currently going to school in Vancouver for 3D Modeling and animation for Video games and Movies. I ocasionally post some of my school work but its mostly drawings.
So because of recent events im not entirely sure if ill be getting my 2 dream skins. So I figured id post this up here so you can see what ive been working on as far as Mae’s mates skin goes >_> 
Shrunk it in half because reasons. 
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