Son of Sand
Hi im May/Mae, Im 20 years old and I currently live in Vancouver canada. I also spent a lot of time in New Zealand during my childhood.

My blog generally consists of Warcraft related things, with a recent addition of a lot of Flight rising stuff too. I also post my art here ocasionally.

I raid progressivly on Andorhal-US on my Elemental shaman, May. I also play a lot on Emerald dream on alts, including my Arms warrior Maezul.
Alllllright… heres what ive got. Im still kind of iffy with the colors, I ended up coloring over alot of the blue and it makes me kind of sad but oh well :( 
Also the blue looks totally green on one of my moniters? =__= I hate how the colors are so differant between the two of them. SO IF IT LOOKS GREEN AND BROWN ITS NOT SUPPOSED TOO ):<
my ridgebacks are all going to be beautiful creatures soon. 
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    ahhh wow it’s like stained glass that’s amazing
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    That’s really intensely pretty.
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    definitely one of the most beautiful skins I have seen on FR.